Scholarships are an important issue for many students looking at colleges, and for a lot of people, scholarships are going to be an important part of whether or not they are going to be able to go to college. It also may influence which colleges you may go to in the end, as well. So make sure to do thorough research about scholarships- I’ll be posting more detailed information soon when I have more time to research, as well- and ask plenty of questions to your college adviser and ask them to the colleges you are looking at! This little piece also has plenty of hyperlinks to check out, so give them a glance!


While to some students this may be really obvious, you may want to think a little more about what SAT Subject Tests you are going to take, especially if you are taking any in addition to any ones that may be required to you. If you have a certain “theme” to your app, like showing yourself as interested in one subject area or another, you probably will want to look at taking a subject test in that subject area. Check out the link and the hyperlinks!


I don’t know about you, but these are definitely points that many people tell me to at least consider and look at when applying to colleges- and I do!

This is a good blurb to check out (along with the hyperlinks) if you’re planning on starting your own business someday! There are hyperlinks that can lead you to more information on colleges that may help you with this kind of path, as well.

This is actually a pretty interesting article, and while I personally hope to go to college on need-based and merit-based scholarships (hopefully a full ride!) without having to get any loans, this is still definitely an article I would still recommend high school students to read, especially if they know they’re probably going to have to get a student loan. Also, on the topic of student loans, always beware of private loans, which can sometimes be very risky and variable!!

Anyways, what do you guys think about these loans? Yay or nay, and why?

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These are interesting figures depicting information on wealth, SAT scores, and geographical location. This graphic is definitely an easy way to see correlations, but remember that correlation is not causation!

This is an interesting article, and it has a lot of good points to think about. Keep this in mind during junior year and during senior year when you’re completing college applications!


So not too long ago, US News released their list of university rankings, and they have several lists that allow you to compare how schools do in different areas! Looking for a nationally known and recognized university? They have a list for that. Think you prefer regional universities? They have a list for that. Give it a look! After all, it can’t hurt!


Need to schedule your SAT subject test or need to look at the dates? Check this little post out from Princeton Review!


Hi, everybody!

Let me introduce myself- I’m Isabel, a high school sophomore graduating in Spring 2015. College has continuously been something that I’ve been looking towards and planning for my entire life. It started shaping my decisions and actions before I even finished elementary school. I’m starting this tumblr blog up partly as base for me to keep a lot of college-related information on as I continue my search on colleges, the admissions process, financial aid, et cetera, but it is also to share my findings with other students who, likewise, are looking at their future. I’ll be sharing things I find on the internet, in brochures, in pamphlets, at college fairs, and such.

I’ll try to share information on all sorts of colleges at different ends of the spectrum, but keep in mind that I probably will have a tendency to share more things about top-notch colleges. However, I will do my best to also post information on various schools and articles with different perspectives. That said, not all the information I share or point out will directly reflect my own opinions and perspectives- the goal is to balance this page, give readers pros and cons, and such so that that anyone reading any of my posts will not be receiving an only Isabel-perspective post all the time. I will also, from time to time, post things that relate to high school in general, but college is the main priority here. After all, college is nothing to joke about!

I have a submissions page, as well, so if any of you find anything you think is worthwhile to share and post on here, feel free to submit a post, and I’ll review it when I can! I can’t see everything out there on college- I have a lot of rigorous classes that take up most of my time, so unfortunately I can’t always be sharing things on tumblr. So go ahead and help me out by submitting your own posts following my submission guidelines, and I really appreciate all the help for making this a better tumblr blog! I really do think it will also help add to the variety of this tumblr page!

I hope that this will be helpful to all of you students out there, and I wish you all the best of luck with your college search, as well as your applications!


PS- By the way, sometimes at end of a post I will add a question mark(?) after an asterisk(*), so that anybody can directly post questions relating to the post without having to do a photo reply. I can’t always do so since tumblr limits the amount of questions I can ask, but when I feel like it is a really good topic to ask questions and discuss, I will. Also, feel free to ask questions and leave comments in the “Have a Question?” page, and if your question or comment is from or about a post or relevant to one, be sure to specify which post you’re referring to. Thanks!